College of Menominee nation Faculty & Staff
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Staff and Faculty Directory

  • E-mail:
  • Keshena, WI Campus: 715-799-5600 or 800-567-2344
  • Green Bay, WI Campus: 920-965-0070 or 800-567-2344


Academic Affairs
Campus Grind Coffee Shop
Campus Support
Community Technology Center
Continuing Education
Green Bay/Oneida Campus
Human Resources
Information Technology
Job Center
Letters and Science
Litoff Hall
MITW-Tribal Higher Education
President's Office
Sponsored Program Administration
Student Services
Sustainable Development Institute
Trades Center
UW Extention
Vocational Rehabilitation


President's Office Employee Extension
President Dr. Verna Fowler  
Executive Assistant Melinda Cook 3040
Financial Analyst Laurie Reiter 3032
Academic Affairs Employee Extension
Chief Academic Officer Dr. Diana Morris 3019
Advancement Employee Extension
Director of Advancement Irene Kiefer 3155
Assistant Director of Development Susan Waukau 3156
Marketing Specialist Dale Kakkak 3264
Database Specialist Tracy Wilber 3053
Webmaster Sue Delrow 3295
Finance Employee Extension
Comptroller Mwata Chisha
Accounting Assistant Darla Gretzinger 3402
Accounts Payable Clerk Desirae Grignon 3092
Accounting Assistant Val Katchenago 3033
Accountant George Otradovec 3035
Accounting Clerk/Payroll Christalee Waupoose 3254
Accounts Payable Clerk (Temp) Arlyne Wayka 3036
Campus Grind Coffee Shop   5162
Campus Support    
Director Shannon Wilber 3424
CMN Receptionist/Secretary Renetta Heath 3000
Administrative Assistant Marla Bellanger 3078
Community Technology Center/
Job Center
Employee Extension
Main Extension   3300
Job Center Director Natasha Chevalier 3148
Resource Room Coordinator Maria Frechette 3281
Career Services Specialist Miranda Perez 3148
Continuing Education Employee Extension
Main Room (big room)   5130
Administrative Assistant Tasha Cleveland 3160
Career Placement Coordinator Antoinette Davids 3152
YEP Coordinator Brandon Frechette 3251
Dean of Continuing Education Brian Kowalkowski 3007
Job Based Training Specialist Annette Miller 3097
AmeriCorps VISTA Volunteer Lisa Misch 3154
Outreach Based Training Specialist Renee O'Kimosh 3075
MYEP-STI Program Specialist Brennan Waupoose 3014
Faculty Employee Extension
English Vicki Besaw 3086
Engineering Dr. Lisa Bosman 3249
Field Experience Coordinator Kelli Chelberg 3131
Nursing Kristin Coleman 3278
Early Childhood/Elem. Ed Dr. Alphia Creapeau 3090
Multimedia/Technology Nathan Fregien 3105
Nursing Theresa Harmala 3422
Biology Dr. Nathan Ihrcke 3212
English Faculty Eric Jurgens 3138
Nursing Lori Kroenke 3269
Chemistry Dr. Sarah Paquette 3226
Early Childhood Elem. Ed. Ruth (Cyndi) Pyatskowit 3211
Math Harlan Pygman 3176
English Ken Shingler 3119
Office Tech Instructor Sarah Vande Corput 3426
  Dr. Dennis Vickers 3059
Business/Public Administration Ann Walenski 3225
Early Childhood/Elem.Ed Dr. Candy Waukau-Villagomez 3259
Trades Instructor Gerald Wayka 3198
English/Theatre Ryan Winn 3070
Math Beth Wochinski 3265
Green Bay/Oneida Campus Employee Extension
Technical Support Specialist Edward Bowker 4004
Housekeeping/Maint. Tech Rick Coenen  
Interim Vice President Kathy Denor 4003
Support Services Coordinator Stephanie King 3229
Student Achievement Specialist Michael Faulds 3067
Writing Tutor Mary Anne Hill 4011
Evening Receptionist MariaEllena Hoskins 4000
Student Achievement Specialist Melissa Larson 3223
Inst. Case Mgr/Career Placement Coord Debra Norton 4009
Resource Room & Student Support Specialist Luis Ortiz 4022
Writing Tutor Sandra Shackelford 4011
Receptionist Sheila Solenos-House 4000
Student Commons   4016
Student Services/Financial Aid Office   4007
Human Resources Employee Extension
Director Rachel Tuma 3037
HR Assistant Sarah Lyons 3173
HR Clerk Francine Elk 3197
Information Technology Employee Extension
HELP DESK IT Helpdesk 4357
Network Administrator I Portia Koebach 3205
IT Facilitator Chasidie Tourtillott 3297
Administrative Assistant Joyce Wayka 3125
Letters & Science Employee Extension
Dean Chad Waukechon 3096
Administrative Assistant Coleen Waubanascum 3126
Prog. Ed. Coord/Instructor Sandra Chapman 3428
Library Employee Extension
Front Desk Library 3003
Library Classroom   5161
Youth Services Librarian Jessica Buettner 3010
Library Assistant Debra Downs 3185
Director Maria Escalante 3001
Information & Training Specialist Menomin Hawpetoss 3050
Special Collections Assistant Leslie O'Kimosh 3196
Litoff Hall - Foundational Studies Employee Extension
Conference Room   5500
Dean of Foundational Studies Jennifer Morris 3273
Writing Skill Coordinator Theresa Martin 3083
Instructional Support Coordinator Leslie Teller 3022
Maintenance Employee Extension
Maintenance Tech Quintin Fernandez 3004
Housekeeper Rose Fish 3025
Groundskeeper Richard Isham 3004
Maintenance Tech Matt Wandrey 3004
Housekeeper Delores Warrington 3025
MITW-Tribal Highter Education Employee Extension
Director Virginia Nuske 5721
Program Assistant Gen Tomow 5720
GED Instructor Sue White 5119
Nursing Employee Extension
Nursing Reception General number 3900
Dean of Nursing Karen Bialcik 3214
Administrative Assistant Sadie Hill 3207
Nursing Program Assistant/GB Ext. 4019 Lana Otradovec 3920
Student Support Coordinator Sheree Repinski 3008
HPOG Project Director/NASLI Jean Umland 3271
Job Placement Specialist Cassandra Watson 3420
Sponsored Program Administration Employee Extension
Director Jill Martin 3085
Administrative Assistant Keri Miller 3298
Grants Management Specialist Joleen White 3228
Grants Management Specialist Linda Grignon 3161
Grants Writer Neva Vogt 3282
Student Services Employee Extension
Reception Desk   3051
Student Achievement Specialist Mani Boyd 3072
Dean of Student Services Nicole Fish 3039
Student Records and Billing Coordinator Sharon Graham 3013
Student Achievement Specialist Danielle Kakwitch  
Admissions/Fin. Aid Coord Crystal Lepscier  
Student Achievement Specialist Austin Retzlaff 3151
Registrar Geraldine Sanapaw 3084
Admissions & Financial Aid Manager Maiko Vang 3048
Sustainable Development Institute Employee Extension
SDI Director Chris Caldwell 3145
Sustainability Coordinator Rebecca Edler 3043
Director of Center for First American Forestlands Dean Fellman 3267
Administrative Assistant Cynthia Norton  
Research Assistant Marie Schaefer 3244
Sustainability Edu Coordinator Cherie Thunder 3243
Trades Center   3027
Tribal Liason Forest Service Dr. Jennifer Youngblood 3222
UW Extention    
Family Living Educator Dawn Doperalski 5714
CNRD Educator Jennifer Gauthier 5713
Vocational Rehabilitation    
Administrative Assistant Noelle Madosh 3203
Voc. Rehab Specialist Geradette Richmond 3054
Career/Disability Counselor Brenda Sanapaw 3293
Vocational Rehabilitation Director Myrna Warrington 3009
Voc. Rehab Counselor Carey A. Wayka 3016