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College Catalog

College Catalog





Most College of Menominee Nation students who have earned at least 12 credits may register independently through MyEmpower’s online registration function. Instructions are available here. Students may also find Frequently Asked Questions helpful. The FAQs are available here.



Course Schedule


A link to course schedules is available here.



Textbook Orders


Students may order and sell their books through the College of Menominee Nation Virtual Bookstore.





The Registrar maintains the student academic records for the College and assists students with official College of Menominee Nation transcripts / grades, enrollment verification, graduation applications, and academic standing status. More information may be found here.


Registration Policies


Students register for courses during the designated registration periods each semester. A non-refundable late fee is added to late registrations processed after deadline.


The College of Menominee Nation places full responsibility upon the student to register for the proper courses and fulfill all degree requirements as set forth in this catalog.


Eligibility for Registration


A student must have applied for admission or reentry and must hold a current acceptance letter before the student is permitted to register.


If a student has an outstanding obligation, e.g. owes a bill, fees, money, material, or financial aid, a “hold” is placed on the student’s educational records. The hold prohibits the student from registering.


Class Wait List


A wait list is an electronic list of students who are waiting to register for a full class. Class wait lists allow students to reserve registration in a course should a spot become available or another course section is offered. Prospective graduates receive first priority and then degree-seeking students have priority over non-degree and special status students. Students may request to be put on a wait list through their Student Achievement Specialist.


Once wait-listed, students are encouraged to inform their instructors of the wait-listed status and to attend the class regularly until the course becomes available or until advised otherwise. CMN does not guarantee placement in wait-listed courses.


Add / Drop Courses


Once enrolled, students may add / drop courses to their term schedule by the designated deadline listed on the Administrative Calendar. Beyond the deadline, students must file a petition to change their term schedule. Student Achievement Specialist assistance is required.


Withdrawal from Courses


Partial Withdrawal

Students who withdraw from courses by the designated deadline listed on the Administrative Calendar receive a grade of “W” for the course. Student Achievement Specialist assistance is required. Completed forms must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office by the appropriate deadline.


Total Withdrawal

Students who withdraw from all courses by the designated deadline listed on the Administrative Calendar receive a grade of “W” for those courses. Students who wish to withdraw completely from the College must do so officially by meeting with their Student Achievement Specialist for assistance. The “W” has no effect on GPA but is considered for financial aid purposes. Students should consult the Financial Aid Office before withdrawing.


A decision to withdraw should be evaluated in terms of veteran’s benefits, financial aid, potential repayment of financial aid (full or partial), family health insurance coverage, student loan repayment deferral, and other situations which may have adverse consequences from withdrawal. If students plan to withdraw from coursework and have received financial aid, students should discuss the situation with their tribal higher education department, if applicable, and CMN’s Financial Aid Office.


Students assume all responsibility for withdrawals from courses including the completion and submission of signed forms by the appropriate deadlines. Withdrawal dates for each session are listed by semester on the Administrative Calendar.


The Withdrawal form and procedure are available here.


Refunds for Withdrawal


Tuition refunds for students who totally withdraw from all classes is in accordance with the following schedule. This schedule does not apply to students who are subject to the requirements of federal regulations. Financial aid recipients should refer to the refund and repayment policy.


Withdrawal Period   Refund
1st – 5th business day of term   100 percent
6th – 10th business day of term   50 percent
After the 10th day of term   none


Refunds are not given to students for Partial Withdrawals or to those who exchange classes after the drop date for a course which has fewer semester hours of credit. If a student’s schedule is reduced for the convenience of CMN, as in the cancellation of classes for insufficient enrollment, the tuition shall be adjusted without penalty.


Administrative Drop


Administrative drops occur when the student has not attended the first five days of a session and / or term. Students may request course reentry from the instructor if an administrative drop occurred in error. The instructor must notify the Registrar by email by the last day for reentry listed on the Administrative Calendar.


It is the responsibility of the student to ensure the student is dropped from any course by the appropriate deadline.




Grades, transcripts, and enrollment verification may be obtained through the Registrar’s Office.




Students may request CMN transcripts by completing a Transcript Request form and submitting it to the Registrar’s Office. Transcript requests are processed on Fridays and are not released if a student has an outstanding bill with the College. Faxing transcripts to other institutions is prohibited at this time, with the exception of faxing to funding sources. Students should refer to the current fee schedule for cost information.


The Transcript Request form is available here.