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College of Menominee Nation
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College Catalog

Student Services



Student Achievement Specialists
Career Services
Counseling Services
Disability Services
Student Life
Student I.D. Cards
Computer Resources
School Messenger
Student Employment


Student Achievement Specialists


Your Student Achievement Specialist contact information may be found here.



Career Services


All CMN students have access to career counseling through the Menominee Job Center located in the Community Technology Center (CTC) on the Keshena campus. Information is available on career exploration, labor market information, internships, transfer requirements, and job search techniques. Individualized career counseling is also available. Please see the Student Services Department or CTC for more information.



Counseling Services


Information and referral regarding counseling, including initial referral services for drug and alcohol abuse, is available to students through their Student Achievement Specialist. In-depth services are available at local agencies serving communities near both campuses and the Menominee Tribal Clinic in Keshena. These resources are listed in local telephone directories and the CMN Family Resource Listing. The financial responsibility for receiving services from these community service agencies rests upon the person receiving the services.



Disability Services


Students who have disability accommodation needs should contact their Student Achievement Specialist for assistance.



Student Life


College of Menominee Nation provides opportunities to enrich students’ experiences inside and outside of the classroom. Opportunities about these opportunities can be found here.



Student Identification Cards


All students enrolled at CMN are issued an official College identification card with a unique student ID number. All students must have an official College identification card and should carry their ID cards at all times. I.D. cards are issued to new students at no initial cost during regular office hours. A replacement card can be issued at a cost of $5. This ID card is required to:

  • Pick up financial aid checks,
  • Charge photocopies,
  • Use computer labs, and
  • Use library services



Computer Resources


Computers are available for student use in the instructional labs of the Keshena and Green Bay campuses for educational purposes. All computers are equipped with state-of-the-art applications, Internet access, and email. Students are responsible for following the computer use policies:

  • All individuals using the labs must respect the rights and needs of other lab users.
  • Disruptive behavior of any type is not allowed.
  • The computer lab must be maintained as a quiet area.
  • Food or drinks are not allowed in the computer labs.
  • Individuals may not attempt to transmit, retrieve, or store any communication that is:
    • Discriminatory or harassing;
    • Offensive to any individual or group;
    • Obscene, sexually explicit, or pornographic;
    • Defamatory or threatening;
    • In violation of any license governing the use of software; or
    • Engaged in for any purpose that is illegal or contrary to CMN’s policy or business interests.
  • Students may not adjust any customized settings on any computer.
  • Only software owned by CMN may be used in the labs. Installation of software or hardware is strictly prohibited.

Students who violate these policies and guidelines are subject to removal of their network ID, password, and email address from the servers without notice and/or be referred to legal authorities if deemed necessary.


All students must have their student ID to use CMN student computers. All CMN students are given an e-mail address and are assigned a username and password for computer use.

  • Passwords and password policies may vary by each term. These passwords should be protected. Students are not allowed to share passwords or login sessions with anyone, including family or friends.
  • All student accounts, except for graduates, are disabled five days after the end of semester. Students are solely responsible for saving any files they do not want deleted. Graduate accounts are deleted five days after graduation.
  • All student accounts for students not registered for the current term are deleted following the add / drop deadline.
  • Work study students who need computer access for work responsibilities are given special logins for the faculty server, which limits access to specific work stations during work hours only.
  • Email messages are not forwarded after termination of student status or work-study employment.



School Messenger


CMN provides emergency notifications and drills periodically during the school year. The e-contact notice is provided through a service called School Messenger, which is a communications service that CMN uses to stay in touch with staff, faculty members and students. This service helps to send emergency and non-emergency announcements via email, phone, or text. Students have the option to “opt in” or “opt out” of the service at any time by texting subscribe, opt-in, yes, or stop to 68453. Several typical procedures are listed below:

  • In the event of a fire alarm, evacuate the building as quickly and as cautiously as possible. Do not use elevators. Leave the building using the nearest exit and stay away from the building in case of explosions or flying glass.
  • In case of a tornado, stay away from windows and any interior locations that contain glass. Take shelter in the lowest level of the building in an interior hallway, closet or other designated area.
  • In the event of a “lock-down’” please follow the direction of appropriate CMN staff and the “Emergency Procedures” chart posted in each classroom.



Student Employment


Information regarding student employment opportunities can be found here.