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Financial Aid


Return of Title IV Policy


Federal regulations determine how Federal Student Aid (Title IV) funds are handled when a recipient of those funds withdraws entirely prior to the end of a payment period or period of enrollment. If a student officially withdraws, known as a total withdrawal, before a semester or term has ended, a calculation must be made to determine what portion of the student’s federal aid should be returned. Any student that withdraws prior to 60% of the completion of the semester can expect to have some repayment of funds due.


On behalf of the student, College of Menominee Nation may be required to send funds back to the federal government based on funds that were unearned, using the students’ last date of attendance. The instructors are required to take attendance at the beginning of class every class period. This is what the financial aid representatives use to determine the students last date of attendance. A student is awarded aid for a semester or term and should that student not complete that semester or term due to a total withdrawal or an unofficial withdrawal some of that aid was not earned and will need to be returned.


The last documented date of attendance is used in the R2T4 calculation when an unofficial withdrawal is determined. Navigate to Withdrawals for more information.


Per federal regulations, the financial aid office will perform an R2T4 calculation within 14 days of your last date of attendance and funds will be returned to the appropriate federal aid program within 45 days of when your last date of attendance was determined. If you meet the criteria for a post withdrawal disbursement, you will be notified of your eligibility within 30 days of determining your date of withdrawal. A post withdrawal disbursement of any Federal Grant funds would first be used toward any outstanding charges before any funds are returned to you.


Federal Title IV funds affected include both Federal Pell Grants, and Federal Supplemental Grants. The repayment priority is as follows:

  1. Federal Pell Grant
  2. Federal Supplemental Grant
  3. Other Federal Aid Programs

State funds are not considered Federal Title IV Funds, but there is a state requirement for determining and returning state funds as well. (See Return of State Aid policy below.)


Refund Formula


To determine the percentage of unearned aid, it’s our policy to use the number of DAYS enrolled in the award period. Using the instructors attendance sheets submitted through Empower, the students last date of attendance is determined. The formulas to determine what amount of unearned Title IV aid are as follows:


Percentage of term in attendance = Days attended up to last date of attendance / total days in terms (Less breaks of 5 consecutive days or more)

Percentage of term not in attendance = 100 – percentage of term in attendance

Unearned Title IV Financial Aid = percentage if the term not in attendance * the amount of Title IV Financial Aid disbursed (or to be disbursed)




The number of days in a full semester or enrollment period is 112 days long.


Last date of attendance is determined from attendance sheets submitted by instructors. For our example we will use a student that attended 23 days and then withdrew.


Percentage term completed = 23/112 = 20%


Percentage of term not in attendance = 100% - 20% = 80%


Title IV aid disbursed to student was $1000.00


Unearned Title IV Financial Aid = 80% (.80)


In order to make this determination, the last date the student attended class would be used as their unofficial withdraw date




Withdrawal is defined as:

  • The date the student begins the withdrawal process prescribed by the school, OR...
  • The date the student provided the school with official notification of the intent to withdraw, OR...
  • The midpoint of the payment period in which the student received Title IV aid or the last date of an academically related activity that the student participated in, for a student who does not begin the process or provide notification. Academically related activity includes:
    • Physical class attendance where there is direct interaction between instructor and student
    • Submission of an academic assignment
    • Examination, interactive tutorial, or computer-assisted instruction
    • Participation in a study group
    • Participation in an online discussion about academic matters
    • Initiation of contact with instructor to ask question about academic subject.

All Withdrawals are to be completed with the students Student Achievement Specialists (SAS).


Unofficial withdrawals are defined as students who begin a semester but cease attending classes at some point during the semester/term without officially withdrawing from the College of Menominee Nation.


Within 30 days of the end of the semester, we will determine the date a student unofficially withdrew from CMN using their last date of attendance and calculate the amount of aid, if any, that needs to be returned to the Title IV programs.


If you meet the federal criteria for a post withdrawal disbursement, disbursement of Title IV aid after withdrawal was determined, the student will be notified of their eligibility within 30 days of determining their last date of attendance.