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Honor With Resources Donor Form

Address:_________________________________ Home phone: ________________________
City/State/Zip: ____________________________ Email: __________________________
I/we wish to direct my/our gift to:
_____ Memorial or Honorary Gift (book or other resource)
                    $ ______________ In memory/honor of: ________________________________
_____ Please send notice of my gift to the individual(s) being honored or to the family of the deceased without indicating the amount. (name/address):
_____ Sponsor a magazine or newspaper subscription
                    $_________________ will be put toward a magazine or newspaper subscription
_____ A gift without occasion
                    _____ Where most needed: $ _______________
                    _____ I have a preference: $ _______________

If you have a preference for the subject area of the material to be purchased or the type (CD, book, reference, maps, furniture, name of subscription) for any gift, please tell us:

My contribution of: $_______________ is enclosed. Your contribution will be tax deductible within the limit of the law.

Please make check payable to the College of Menominee Nation Library.

Mail to:
College of Menominee Nation Library
P.O. Box 1179
Keshena, WI 54135