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The Special Collections houses rare books, manuscripts, records, microfilm, ephemera and archival materials with a focus in subjects relating to indigenous peoples with an emphasis on the Menominee.

Special Collections

The Special Collections is open to the Menominee Community; CMN students, faculty, CMN staff, and the public

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When Visiting the Special Collections… 
Please be aware that all materials are non-circulating and cannot leave the Special Collections Reading Room.

The College of Menominee Nation Special Collections Guidelines

The following procedures detail the steps that should be followed in the use of the Special Collections and in the accessioning of new materials by the Special Collections. Consistent completion of the required forms will facilitate efficient record keeping and collection control and management, allowing the Special Collections to better serve its community and protect its materials.

Usage Procedures

Standardized usage procedures are essential for assuring fair, equal, and safe access to the College of Menominee Nation Special Collections resources. All users are expected to adhere to these procedures it they wish to utilize the Special Collections materials.

  1. All users must agree to follow the rules of the Special Collections as detailed under the College of Menominee Nation Special Collections Access Policies. Rules are posted in the Special Collections reading room  and should be reviewed by all users.
  2. All on-site users must sign the log every day including address, date, and collection used.
  3. To request access to materials, researchers should fill out the Researcher Application (available in Special Collections) and submit the form to the Head of Special Collections. Keep in mind that some materials may require up to two days prior notice. If possible, it is recommended that researchers contact the Head of Special Collections prior to their visit to assure that the materials will be available at that time.
  4. Photocopies of materials may be made on the premises of the Special Collections if the Head of Special Collections deems that no damage is posed to the selected materials. College of Menominee Nation students, faculty, and staff should use their own copy code in order to receive requested photocopies.  Photocopies are $0.15 a page for non-affiliates of the College.
  5. To obtain copies of photographs users must fill out and submit to the Head of Special Collections a Request for Reproduction (available in Special Collections). If there are no restrictions on the reproduction of the desired materials, the Head of Special Collections will then determine cost and time on a case by case basis.