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If you are interested in the Menominee Tribe a number of the websites listed below will help you find information. While website are nice don't forget to "Look to the books."

Menominee Tribe's Official Web Page

Menominee Tribe's Official homepage
A directory of every department within the tribe with contact information and web pages when available.
  Menominee Bibliography compiled by Monica Maclaugh


Menominee Tribal Enterprises

Article in Canku Ota on the Menominee fight to preserve the language!
Information on Menominee Language with links

Menominee Tribal Enterprises
Information on forestry management practices

Case Study: Menominee Tribal Enterprises
History of the Menominee forest and  Menominee Tribal Enterprise.

Menominee Histories

 Menominee Clans Stories
Sponsored by the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point

Catholic Encyclopedia
A Menominee history describing Jesuit relations with the Menominee Indians.
Native Languages of the Americas: Menominee
Extensive website with information on language and history.
Milwaukee Public Museum
A description of Menominee termination and restoration.  Very thorough.

Milwaukee Public Museum  
A general history of the Menominee tribe