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Menominee Tribe

If you are interested in the Menominee Tribe a number of the websites listed below will help you find information. While website are nice don't forget to "Look to the books."

Menominee Tribe's Official homepage
A directory of every department within the tribe from government to education with contact information and web pages when available.

Historic Preservation
To understand a tribe you need to understand the history. Historic preservation has a wonderful history of the Menominee Tribe from the Treaty Era to the present.

Enrollment Office of Menominee Tribe
Describes the enrollment process along with tips on what to do before you call if you are tracing your family heritage.

Menominee Treaty Rights Office
Information on the Menominee treaty rights case, curriculum on the Treaty era, a brief Menominee history, and much more. This page comes from the Treaty Rights Office for the Menominee Tribe.

Menominee Legends

See also the Menominee Tribe's Historic Preservation Website
because in order to understand a legend you need to understand the history.

Menominee Culture Institute
A collection of three Menominee stories. Also includes links to the Menominee Tribe's Website regarding Menominee Legends.

Menominee Tribe's Language & Culture Web Site
Stories surrounding the Annual Sturgeon Feast & celebration including the Menominee Creation Story and the Story of Keshena Falls.

Menominee Histories

Menominee Tribe of Wisconsin
Brief history from Great Lakes Tribal Council

Catholic Encycolpedia -Menominee Indians Entry
A Menominee history from James Mooney describing Jesuit relations with the Menominee Indians transcribed by Michael Howe.

Menominee Tribal Enterprise
Case Study: Menominee Tribal Enterprises
An article written by Paula Huff and Marshall Pecore in 1995 giving a detailed history of the Menomoinee forest and the Menominee Tribal Enterprise.

Menominee Tribal Enterprises
Information on forestry management practies

Ingrid Washinawatok--Statements & memorials
Midwest Treadty Network Statements Regarding
Ingrid Wasinawatok
Statements compiled from varions sources on the assassination of Ingrid Washinawatok, a Menominee Indian and two other indigenous rights supporters.

Midwest Treaty Network Articles & Updates Regarding
Ingrid Washinawatok
Articles & updates from numerous sources on Ingrid Washinawatok a member of the Menominee Tribe who was assassinated in 1999.

News From Indian Country
Tributes & memorials to Ingrid Washinawatok
News From Indian Country, a newspaper for Native people compiled the tributes and memorial to Ingrid in their online version.