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Critical Literacy Class Participates in Energy Research Project


Student research project
From left to right, Bryce Corn, Diandra Fowler, Lisa Doxtator, Kylee Tourtillott, Alex Adamski, and Jason Komanekin.

Under the direction of College of Menominee Nation (CMN) instructor Mahrie Peterson, EDU095-01 students researched articles connected to energy use and climate change. Taking the learning experience one step further, students met with Rebecca Edler, Sustainability Coordinator at the Sustainable Development Institute, who worked with them to develop a campus research project. The project selected required students to locate the refrigerators and microwaves on CMN's Keshena campus and record the location, manufacturing date, make, and model. Next, students selected three of the refrigerators to monitor energy usage using a KILL A WATT® power monitor.


The students hooked a power monitor to each of the three refrigerators to record energy usage and cost associated with usage. The monitors collected data for one week. Students then collected the KILL A WATT® power monitors, assembled and reviewed the data, discussed the findings, and provided recommendations.


The first refrigerator selected, located in the CMN Nursing Department, is a mini-fridge manufactured in 2012. The cost to run this refrigerator for one year is $18.76. The second refrigerator, manufactured in 2013, is located in the Community Technology Center (CTC) and cost $39.23 to run for one year.


The third refrigerator, located in the Trades Building, is so old the students could not locate the manufacturing date. This refrigerator proved to be the most expensive to run. The yearly cost to operate this ancient device is $138.32.


After analyzing all of the data and discussing what could be done, the students made a recommendation to replace the refrigerator in the Trades Building with an energy efficient model similar to the one in the CTC.