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Maec Waewaenen - We Saved Halloween​


SUBJECT: Maec Waewaenen - We saved Halloween​
​TO: ​Staff and Faculty​ of the College of Menominee Nation​
​FROM: Dr. Diana Morris, Interim President​


Trick or Treat

I am writing to thank everyone who worked to provide a Halloween redux for the Keshena community last night, with special thanks to Brandon Frechette, the event organizer, Brian Kowalkowski, Renee O'kimosh, Cedar Kakkak, and Shannon Wilber. It was a magnificent event. And as you'll read below in the email below from Jonathan Wilber, Tribal Administrator, it was a night that was truly appreciated and that will be long remembered.




"Good Morning Everyone –


Trick or Treat

Amazing. Best Ever. Awesome. Menominee Strong. Safe. Well organized. Lots of Candy. A ray of sunshine. Wonderful. Great. Unbreakable. Resilient. United. Undefeated. A miracle. Collaboration. Smiles. Positive. Teamwork.


These are all words and phrases that have been used on social media and in media coverage to describe what was accomplished here on the Menominee Reservation last night. Your determination since Sunday night when one bad actor nearly ruined a long time trick-or-treating tradition is an example of our Tribal Mission, Vision, and Values in action….


“We envision the Omaeqnomenewak (People of the Wild Rice) as a strong, healthy, and proud nation living in accordance with its culture and beliefs, and possessing the resources necessary to be successful in achieving our goals”

“…As Omaeqnomenewak(People of the Wild Rice) we value our children, elders and each other, preserving our language, tradition, history, and culture.”

There is no clearer example of that Vision and Value Statement in action than what happened in our community since Monday. Saddened by a terrible Sunday night event that has been broadcast by news media literally around the world, we showed the world that we are Monday morning people. A determination to right a wrong brought individuals from every tribal department and every community organization together for one goal, to save a happy event for our children. Those values found expression in ways that I have never witnessed here before:

    Trick or Treat

  • It did not take an MTL meeting or a committee motion, community members took responsibility to get something done
  • It did not matter that no one person was approving ideas, ideas became reality
  • It did not matter what organization or department we worked in, every department and organization contributed time, talent, and treasure
  • It did not matter what was needed, someone provided it
  • It did not matter where the event was held, the event was big and successful
  • It did not matter that we weren’t sure if many children would come, we believed in the good that was being done and trusted that our kids would feel it
  • It did not matter that it was cold outside, the positive energy across the College Campus warmed everyone’s spirits

As Tribal employees, we are called to serve others. Our jobs are to help Tribal Government make the community safer and better for tribal and community members. We are often required to do our jobs and not expect to be thanked or to be recognized for doing so. Yesterday though, those thanks were many:

  • A member of my staff here in Tribal Administration shared a comment that was left for them on Facebook. A teacher said, “I am very impressed with how this all was handled. I talked openly to kids at school about it. One of them said 'so, the Tribe has our backs. How great is that.'”
  • As I visited with our EMS crew, with a member of the Tribal Legislature, and organizers from the College last night, a young Menominee boy in costume walked past our group and said in a confident voice, "Thank you for organizing this…thank you for caring about us.”
  • Chairman Besaw commented, “It is awesome that we didn’t tell our kids to throw away their candy and then give them just a few pieces back. Many of the bags weighed more than the kids!”
  • At least 10 families who I know and who know where I work asked that I send a message to every Tribal employee to thank them for what we did and how we did it. On their behalf thank you.

Trick or Treat

It is my hope and prayer that we never lose the ability we showed this week to not let job titles, org charts, or the organizations we work for stop us from working together, as a community, to get the right things done for others.


Drugs are not who we are as a Tribe and as a community. We will not let drugs and drug dealers win. We must demonstrate that to each other and our children in how we behave every day.


Today more than ever I am proud to work with each of you!"


Jonathan K. Wilber, Tribal Administrator
Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin


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