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College of Menominee Nation Awarded Three New Grants for the 2021-2022 Fiscal Year


College of Menominee Nation was awarded the following grants for the upcoming fiscal year:

  1. EBSCO Information Services’ 2021 EBSCO Solar Grant - $60,000
  2. Second Nature’s Acceleration Fund - $7,000
  3. American Indian College Fund’s Community Based Learning and Sharing Grant - $20,000

The funds from the EBSCO Solar Grant will be used to install solar panels on the S. Verna Fowler/Menominee Public Library’s roof. The library will become the second building on campus to begin utilizing solar energy, which will ultimately help further reduce the College’s reliance on fossil fuels. This is a necessary step for College of Menominee Nation to move towards becoming a carbon neutral campus as is outlined in the College’s 2016 Climate Action Plan.


Second Nature’s Acceleration Fund will be used to provide more equitable access to the Phenology Trail and Learning Path. Located behind the College, the Phenology Trail is a walking path that educates users about different native plants using information stations that display the Menominee and scientific names, life cycle, uses of each plant, and also provides data for ongoing research on how climate change impacts local plant phenology. This funding will support the purchase of a solar-powered golf cart that will enable Elders, veterans, and handicapped individuals within the community to explore the learning path and educate others about native plants and their cultural significance.


American Indian College Fund’s Community Based Learning and Sharing Grant aims to help support the development and implementation of Native Arts community workshops and academic courses in Traditional Native Arts and Contemporary Native Arts. This grant opportunity will be used to fund the Collaborating Our Model In Contemporary Sequential-arts (C.O.M.I.C.S.) Project, which will serve as a visual narrative representation of the Menominee Theoretical Model of Sustainability. It will bring past teaching into a contemporary art form that can be enjoyed by all ages. Through this project we are hoping to engage the community in the importance of Menominee culture and sustainability as it relates to modern art.