College of Menominee Nation Nursing Program
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Technical Degree Nursing Program Course Description


TPN 110 Nursing Fundamentals - 2 credits

This course focuses on basic nursing concepts that the beginning nurse will need to provide care to diverse patient populations. Current and historical issues impacting nursing will be explored within the scope of nursing practice. The nursing process will be introduced as a framework for organizing the care of patients with alterations in cognition, elimination, comfort, grief/loss, mobility, integument and fluid /electrolyte balance (Prerequisite: Accepted into Practical Nursing or permission of the Dean of Nursing).


TPN 111 Fundamentals Nursing Skills - 3 credits

This course focuses on development of clinical skills and physical assessment across the lifespan. Content includes mathematic calculations and conversions related to clinical skills, blood pressure, assessment, aseptic technique, wound care, oxygen administration, tracheotomy care, suctioning, management of enteral tubes, basic medication administration, glucose testing, enemas, ostomy care, and catheterizations. In addition, the course includes techniques related to obtaining a health history and basic physical assessment skills using a body assessment approach. The impact of race and ethnicity on the findings of the health history and physical assessment will be incorporated. (Prerequisite: Accepted into Practical Nursing or permission of the Dean of Nursing)


TPN 120 Nursing Pharmacology - 2 credits

This course introduces the principles of pharmacology, including drug classifications and their effects on the body. Emphasis is on the use of the components of the nursing process when administering medications. Additionally, this course includes cultural influences on drug therapy, herbal and traditional medicines and ethnopharmacology. (Prerequisite: Accepted into Practical Nursing or permission of the Dean of Nursing and BIO110 and HUD210)


TPN 130 Introduction to Clinical Practice - 2 credits

This introductory clinical course emphasizes basic nursing skills and application of the nursing process in meeting the needs of diverse clients. Emphasis is placed on performing basic nursing skills, the formation of nurse-client relationships, communication, data collection, documentation, medication administration and the beginning application of the nursing process. (Prerequisite: TPN111; Co-requisites: BIO110, TPN110, and TPN120)


TPN 150 Nursing Health Promotion - 2 credits

This course elaborates on the basic concepts of health promotion in the context of family. It covers nursing care of the developing family and includes reproductive issues, pregnancy, labor and delivery, post-partum, the newborn and the child. Recognizing the spectrum of healthy families, the course will teach students to discern patterns associated with adaptive and maladaptive behaviors applying mental health principles. An emphasis is placed on teaching and supporting healthy lifestyle choices. Nutrition, exercise, stress management, empowerment and risk reduction practices are highlighted. Study of the family will cover dynamics, functions, discipline styles and stages of development. (Prerequisites: BIO110, HUD210, and TPN130)


TPN 151 Clinical Care across the Lifespan - 2 credits

The clinical experience applies nursing concepts and therapeutic interventions to clients across the lifespan. It also provides an introduction to concepts of teaching and learning. The extension of care to the family is also emphasized. (Prerequisite: TPN130, Co-requisite: TPN150)


TPN 160 Nursing Health Alterations - 3 credits

This course provides elaboration on the basic concepts introduced in Nursing Fundamentals. It applies theories of nursing in the care of clients through the lifespan, utilizing problem solving, and critical thinking. This course will provide an opportunity to study conditions affecting different body systems and apply therapeutic interventions. It also introduces concepts of leadership, team building, and scope of practice. (Prerequisites: BIO110, HUD210, and TPN130)


TPN 161 Introduction to Clinical Care Management - 2 credits

The clinical experience applies nursing concepts and therapeutic nursing interventions to groups of clients. It also provides an introduction to leadership, management and team building. (Prerequisite: TPN130; Co-requisite: TPN160)