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We walk with students, every step of the way.

We walk with students, every step of the way.

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As a Land Grant institution of higher education chartered by the Menominee People,
the College of Menominee Nation infuses learning with American Indian culture and prepares students for leadership, careers, and advanced studies in a multicultural world. The College commits to research and promotion, perpetuation, and nurturance of American Indian language and scholarship. We encourage you to investigate and choose one of our eighteen available programs to forge your own path.

With five different bachelor's programs and all the guidance the College of Menominee Nation can provide, we're here to help you build a foundation for the future, every step of the way.

If you're not interested in the four-year path of a bachelor's degree, CMN's nine associate degrees can serve as equally valuable paths in your post-secondary education.

With hands-on experience, shorter academic terms, and a sharp focus on a particular career path, our technical diplomas are a cost-effective way to get your foot in the door.

At a Glance

The College of Menominee Nation strives to be a place for both Native and non-Native students, staff, and faculty alike to learn, grow, and collaborate in an environment befitting and exemplifying of our Vision, Mission, and Values. We are dedicated to providing a space that reflects these ideals and builds upon them in a sustainable, enriching fashion, and we look forward to your involvement in these efforts.

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