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What is CMN?

American Indian culture is at the heart of the College of Menominee Nation.

CMN degree programs, research, and student activities are committed to addressing contemporary problems through modern science and methodologies, informed by ancient knowledge. This is most evident in CMN's commitment to sustainable development concepts and practices that draw on resource management philosophies tested over centuries in the great Menominee forest.

Native and non-Native students from many states and visitors from across the world come to CMN to pursue higher learning and to learn the history, systems and strategies of the Menominee and other First Americans.

Our Vision

An American Indian center for lifelong learning,
integrating exemplary academic preparation and research to enhance nation building.
A hanging sign at our Keshena campus espousing our ideal values: Respect, Generosity, Love, Humility, Bravery, Truth, Wisdom

Our Mission

As a Land Grant institution of higher education chartered by the Menominee People, the College of Menominee Nation infuses learning with American Indian culture and prepares students for leadership, careers, and advanced studies in a multicultural world. The College commits to research and promotion, perpetuation, and nurturance of American Indian language and scholarship.

Our Values

Community Engagement

Empowering people through lifelong learning to serve community needs.
Providing outreach workshops and community service improving the quality of life.

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Culture of Service

Modeling and promoting commitment to community by students, staff, and faculty. Preparing stakeholders to use newfound skills by inspiring them to give back to the community.

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Fostering the dynamic relationships among the six dimensions of the Menominee Theoretical Model of Sustainability.

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The College Family

The College celebrates our diverse student population, inclusive of non-American Indian students while maintaining a strong focus on serving American Indian students from the Menominee, Stockbridge-Munsee, Oneida, and dozens of other tribes. For a profile of the College’s people and programs, access our most recent Annual Report.

Locations in Wisconsin

  • Main campus in Keshena on the Menominee Indian reservation and adjacent to the historic Menominee forest; urban campus in metropolitan Green Bay

Programs of Study

  • Academic degrees in select baccalaureate and associate degree programs; diplomas in technical and trades areas; and a variety of continuing education options


  • Chartered by the Menominee People in 1993
  • Authorized by the United States Congress in 1994 as one of only three Land Grant Colleges in Wisconsin


Annual Reports

Written every year to encapsulate the highlights of the previous school year, the CMN Annual Reports are a valuable way for prospective students and faculty alike to learn about institutional, scholarly, and student successes. You can find our most recent reports below, with additional reports archived in the CMN Intranet.

Our Strategic Plan:
A Vision to Action

In 2018, the College of Menominee Nation Board of Directors met to revisit the mission,
vision, and values of the institution laying the foundation for the development of a
comprehensive strategic plan. The Board established the Strategic Planning and
Leadership Committee to oversee the creation of goals that directly fall in line with the
mission, vision, and values.

This plan, now fully realized and in practice across our campuses, can be viewed in its PDF booklet form live on our website. We encourage you to not only view our goals, but assist us in realizing them. The goals of this institution can only be met by viewing them as one people.