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Annual Reports

A message from President Caldwell,
in our most recent Annual Report:

"CMN began its 27th year of service in January 2020. With the almost simultaneous arrival of COVID-19, our College and all around it entered an entirely new world that will continue to unfold. I cannot predict the future, but I can share why I am hopeful.

I see the College as being well positioned to endure beyond this academic year of enormous change. Our current size is a strength, allowing us to be flexible and responsive. Our conservative business practices mean we have been, and remain, debt free. And as a uniquely values-based institution, CMN approaches higher education as an instrument designed for helping our Native and non-Native students, our partners and neighbors, learn to work together to sort out world problems.

Our mission is reflective of the long history of the Menominee. The tribe's story is one of resilience and survival based in sustainability, not just of the environment, but in all aspects of human interaction. The College's story blends these themes with a respect for ancient wisdom and a commitment to modern science and new ways of learning. We did not desire a supreme test for our sustainability, but we are ready for the challenge and invite you to join us as we create our new world."