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Annual Reports

A message from President Caldwell,
in our most recent Annual Report:

"Pōsōh mawaw new weyak (Greetings to all of you),

Our 2022-2023 year was historic for the College as we celebrated 30 years of education through the Restoring Nations Through Education (RNTE) initiative.

Aligned with our 30th anniversary, 2023 also marked the 50th anniversary of the Menominee Indian Tribe’s Restoration Act, a broader movement of sovereignty and self-determination that the College itself is part of. As we close out 2023, we acknowledge the significance of the Restoration Act. Its intent focused on restoring our tribes and tribal communities to the sustainable societies we always had before colonization and assimilation efforts. Building the College of Menominee Nation, was an act of sovereignty because it meant we were taking back control of the education of our future.

As we pause to reflect on how far the College has come, it is also a point of envisioning what is to come. Our future leaders are walking these hallways, whether they are students, staff, or faculty. We invite you to join us in celebrating our College, not only during this significant time, but as we continue on."