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Dylan Sabin

The stories of our students do not end when they leave CMN. Here, we will attempt to document the highlights and exciting things past and present CMN alumni have gone on to accomplish.

In recent writing for the Menominee Nation News, Patrick Delabrue reflected on the events of CMN's Charter Week. In their write-up, they highlighted one of CMN's first alumni, Ronna Guzman.

From Delabrue's article:

"Ronna [Guzman] was one of two people to be the first to graduate from CMN in 1995, earning an associate's degree.

[Guzman] said she initially attended UW-Green Bay but her educational path was delayed because she was a new mom.

'It was too hard to commute and take care of [my] babies. I told myself I'll go back someday, and when we got CMN, it was a perfect opportunity because it was right here. I was really excited about us having our own college. The classes were small and more personal. It felt comfortable, like you were at home.

Since [her time at CMN], her son, Paul Frechette, earned a technical education degree from CMN in 2014 and her daughter, Tashina Guzman, is distinguishing herself as a current CMN student."

Tashina Guzman has earned an Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Sciences and an Associate of Arts and Science degree in Early Childhood Education from CMN, and is currently enrolled in our Bachelor of Science program for Early and Middle Childhood Education.

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  • March 2023