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Liberal Science (Associate of Arts)

Start Here, Go Anywhere

The Associate of Arts and Sciences Degree in Liberal Studies provides a student with a broad-based understanding of humanities and social sciences disciplines. This program offers a multidisciplinary approach where emphasis courses are selected on the basis of the student’s interests.

  • A graduate from this program could pursue careers in the humanities such as communications, visual and performing arts, journalism, entertainment services, and tourism industries or in the social sciences such as government and public administration, health science, law, and public safety.
  • This degree also allows a student to pursue a baccalaureate degree in a variety of fields by completing the required courses at CMN and finishing their Junior- and Senior-level classes at a four-year college or university.


An Associate's Degree of Arts in Liberal Studies is a full-fledged two-year program.


In 2013, Wisconsin had the lowest teacher-to-student ratio, at about 1:15.[1]


The ideal course sequence for our Bachelor of Arts program includes courses from over ten different avenues of learning.

Career Opportunities

With a focus on a broad-based understanding of humanities and social sciences disciplines, the Associate's of Arts in Liberal Studies program at CMN is the jumping-off point for a myriad of careers in the humanities.

In addition to the Bureau of Labor Statistic's Standard Occupational Classification, or "SOC" Code, the following are examples of job titles that degree-holding individuals have gone on to attain.

Bureau of labor statistics soc codes:
25-1060, 25-1123, 25-1125, 25-9044, 27-3040, 21-1012
Admissions Counselor Copy Editor 
Technical Editor Assistant Instructor

Tuition Facts

Program length:
two years (Full-TIME)
60-61 Credits
$15,250 for tuition and fees
(Before 50% Tuition discount)