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Business Administration (Associate of Arts & Science)

Organized for Success

The Business Administration program at the College of Menominee Nation builds the skills necessary for a lifetime of opportunity. Through a wide variety of methods, the program fosters communication skills, analytical reasoning and problem solving capabilities.

  • Graduates learn to apply their knowledge and increase their business network in the classroom and through internships, field experiences and involvement in an active business organization.
  • Graduates from this program may pursue employment in administration in government, business and non-profit business. This degree allows students to pursue a baccalaureate degree in Business and Public Administration and a variety of related fields.


An Associate's degree in Business Administration requires a minimum of 61 credits, attainable in two years of full-time schooling.

Job Security

Wisconsin hosts four of the five top paying nonmetropolitan areas for individuals in General Management. [1]

Tools Used

Administration roles are projected to grow roughly 9% over the next eight years, with roughly 29,000 projected openings each year. [2]

Career Opportunities

Completion of this program offers the basic knowledge to begin working as an entry-level CNC machinist in the machine industry.

In addition to the Bureau of Labor Statistic's Standard Occupational Classification, or "SOC" Code, the following are examples of job titles that degree-holding individuals have gone on to attain.

Bureau of labor statistics soc code: 11-1021
General Manager Production Superintendent
Analytics Manager Strategy Lead

Tuition Facts

Program length:
61 credits (Full-TIME)
$30,500 for tuition and fees
(Before 50% Tuition discount)