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Education (Bachelor of Arts)

Building a Foundation

The Bachelor of Arts in Education Program focuses on preparing students to know, understand, implement, and assess the cultural experiences of all children, especially American Indian children. Students in the program will be prepared to help children understand the legacy of caring for their natural surroundings and protecting natural resources and their relationships with others.

  • This degree will qualify students for entry level positions in elementary school, head start, preschools, or educational sales settings. The course work will prepare students to work with children with focus educational theory and Indigenous studies. Similarly, the degree will specifically focus on education in indigenous communities.
  • Graduates with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education could pursue a career as a daycare administrator, educational sales representative, preschool teacher, or Head Start teacher.


A Bachelor of Arts in Education is a full-fledged, four-year program.


In 2013, Wisconsin had the lowest teacher-to-student ratio, at about 1:15.[1]


The ideal course sequence for our Bachelor of Arts program includes courses from over ten different avenues of learning.

Career Opportunities

With a focus on preparation and education in Indigenous communities, the Bachelor of Arts in Education program at CMN is the jumping-off point for a myriad of careers in teaching, caretaking, and educational sales.

In addition to the Bureau of Labor Statistic's Standard Occupational Classification, or "SOC" Code, the following are examples of job titles that degree-holding individuals have gone on to attain.

Bureau of labor statistics soc code: 25-2000
Daycare Administrator Educational Sales Representative
Preschool Teacher Head Start Teacher

Tuition Facts

Program length:
FOUR years (Full-TIME)
121 Credits
$30,250 for tuition and fees
(Before 50% Tuition discount)