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Digital Media

A View of the Future

The Associate of Arts and Science Degree in Digital Media may allow students an entry point in the job market while simultaneously earning credits toward a baccalaureate degree in business or technology. The program provides students with technical skills and a strong foundation in business technology and multimedia design. Students have the opportunity to earn certification in a variety of multimedia programs while following professional practices and employing industry-standard software. 

  • Graduates of the program understand basic theories in visual and interactive media design, project management, audio and video production, and the application of multimedia in business and the marketing of products.


An Associate's degree in Digital Media requires a minimum of 63 credits, attainable over the course of two years full-time.

Job Security

An individual with a Digital Media degree could go into entertainment production, marketing, or make a career of their own content creation.

Tools Used

A Digital Media student will learn MIDI music creation and production, some HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, and much more.

Career Opportunities

Completion of this program offers graduates the opportunity to pursue a career as a digital media specialist, graphic designer, interactive media designer, video editor, social media coordinator, web designer and content creator.

In addition to the Bureau of Labor Statistic's Standard Occupational Classification, or "SOC" Code, the following are examples of job titles that degree-holding individuals have gone on to attain.

Bureau of labor statistics soc code:
27-4030, 27-4031, 27-4032
Audio Technician Operations Technician
Master Control Operator News Videographer
Production Technician Film Editor

Tuition Facts

Program length:
63 Credits minimum (Full-TIME)
$8,265 for tuition and fees
(Before 50% Tuition discount)
$922 for books and supplies (estimate)