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Placement Testing

Accuplacer and ACT scores provide valuable information to students and their Academic Success Coaches to make sure students are enrolled in programs and courses that support their academic success. Keep in mind, students who are placed correctly are much more likely to be successful in college.

Students who have taken the Accuplacer or the ACT within the past three years simply provide their score reports when submitting their admission documents. The requirement for transfer and returning students is determined on an individual basis.

If a student has never taken the Accuplacer or the ACT or the score is more than three years old, the Accuplacer is required for admission. Students may also need Accuplacer scores if their ACT scores are below a certain level. We urge students to prepare for the Accuplacer so students and their Academic Success Coaches have the best information possible to make decisions.

Preparing for Accuplacer

Accuplacer is not a 'pass' or 'fail' test. Instead, scores determine the starting point or educational pathway at CMN as well as math and English coursework. CMN encourages students to prepare. Here’s what students can do:

  • Check out the Accuplacer Study App to get a sense of current skill levels. CMN uses the following tests:
    • Reading Comprehension
    • Sentence Skills
    • Arithmetic
    • Elementary Algebra
    • College Level Math
  • Brush up on your skills, especially if you have been away from the classroom for a while. Help is available at both the Keshena and Green Bay/Oneida campuses. Students can study on campus, take materials home, or learn about online resources. See Placement Assessment Locations below for contact information.
  • Allow enough time for the appointment! Students can plan on about two hours to complete the assessments.


Schedule the Accuplacer today or talk with staff about the many resources available to you.


715-799-6226, ext. 3051
- or -
toll free 800-567-2344, ext. 3051

Green Bay/Oneida

715-799-6226, ext. 3051
- or -
toll free 800-567-2344, ext. 3051

Placement Results – Your Entrance Pathways

Your Accuplacer or ACT scores indicate the appropriate starting point. The College has established entrance pathways based on Accuplacer or ACT scores:

  1. Entry into associate degree or technical diploma programs with no additional requirements.
  2. Entry into associate degree Foundations courses or technical diploma programs. Foundations courses in English and/or Math allow students to improve their skills and build confidence in preparation for more difficult courses while earning college credit. Introduction to College English Foundations (ENG100) and College Algebra Foundations (MAT104) allow students to spend more class time with the instructor while completing college level work.
  3. Entry into the Supporting Opportunities and Academic Readiness (or SOAR) program. SOAR combines basic skills instruction in math, reading, and writing with certain technical diploma course work. Following completion of a Technical Diploma program, students must re-test and obtain appropriate Accuplacer scores to pursue either Associate Degree pathway.

If minimum Accuplacer scores are not met for the desired pathway, discuss options, including additional assessment and re-testing options, with either the placement testing staff or an Academic Success Coach.

Degree seeking students are exempt from placement testing under the following circumstances:

  • Completed both College Algebra or College Algebra Foundations and Introduction to College English or Introduction to College English Foundations with a “C” or above from one of CMN’s Technical Diploma programs, or
  • Completed both college-level Algebra and college-level introductory English with a “C” or above at an accredited college or university, or
  • Obtained an associate degree or above, or
  • Submitted Accuplacer scores obtained at another accredited higher education institution; scores are valid for three years.

Students who have earned a CMN Certificate of Mastery or a Technical Diploma are treated as a continuing student if the student registers for classes within one year of graduation. If the student has not registered for classes within one year, then the student will need to follow the Returning Student Admission Procedure, including placement testing if scores are more than three years old.

Accuplacer Fee Information

Individuals not interested in applying for admission and only wish to test will be charged a $20 nonrefundable fee. To obtain Accuplacer scores:

  1. Make an appointment to take the Accuplacer at one of locations listed above;
  2. Complete the Release of Accuplacer Scores form.
  3. Pay the $20 nonrefundable fee to the Finance Office. The Student Billing Office will provide the Accuplacer score report by postal mail or e-mail.

If you have any questions, contact the Admissions Office.