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Sustainable Residential Building Systems

Healthier Homes and Gardens

The Technical Diploma in Sustainable Residential Building Systems prepares students for careers in the residential building industry with a green building emphasis. Upon successful completion, students will be able to enter the residential building industry in either a factory or on-site construction setting. Within a framework of sustainable, environmentally enhancing practices, students will gain skills and knowledge in framing, finish carpentry, roofing applications, masonry, plumbing, HVAC, and electrical systems.

  • Students who earn this diploma from the College of Menominee Nation have the opportunity to begin employment in the residential building industry or apply for apprenticeships.
  • Completion of this program does not substitute for an apprenticeship, but does offer the basic knowledge to gain employment in entry-level positions in several trade-related occupations.


A SRBS degree requires only 30-31 credits, and is earnable in roughly one year's worth of classes.

Job Security

Wisconsin ranks in the top 10 highest employers of carpenters across the US.

Expected Pay

The median annual wage for a carpenter is roughly $52,850 as of May 2021.

Career Opportunities

Completion of this program offers the basic knowledge to begin working in the residential building industry or apply for apprenticeships.

In addition to the Bureau of Labor Statistic's Standard Occupational Classification, or "SOC" Code, the following are examples of job titles that degree-holding individuals have gone on to attain.

Bureau of labor statistics soc codes:
47-2031.00, 47-2061.00
Stick-Built/Modular Carpenter Craft Laborer
Estimator Draftsperson
Mason HVAC Specialist

Tuition Facts

Program length:
One year (Full-TIME)
$8,475 for tuition and fees