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Information for Veterans

The College of Menominee Nation is approved for the certification of educational benefits for veterans and veterans’ dependents under both federal and state veterans’ administration programs. Veterans who wish to use their education benefits must complete required forms each semester and submit the necessary paperwork. Further information can be obtained by contacting CMN’s Financial Aid Office or filling out the Veterans Information Worksheet.

Contact the Veterans Affairs office nearest your residence for information and assistance for starting your State and Federal VA Education Benefits. The Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs provides a County Veterans Service Office (CSVO) list with information regarding your nearest office.

Federal Benefits

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs provides information regarding Veteran Affairs Federal benefits, including Montgomery GI Bill® Chapters 30, 31, 32, 35, 1606, 1607 and Post – 9/11 Veterans Education Assistance Act of 2008.

State Benefits

The Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs provides information regarding state-provided benefits.

Wisconsin Army National Guard members should contact their units Education Specialist for information and paperwork for the Wisconsin National Guard Tuition Grant.

College Resources for Veterans and Their Families

Overcoming the Challenges of Higher Education and Career Training

VA Benefits, Step-by-Step

Additional Information

Submit Veterans Information Worksheet to the Financial Aid Office.

You must notify Veterans Services and the Financial Aid Office of changes to your schedule immediately. This is for both adding and/or dropping a class. Failure to do so could slow down your payments and/or will cause repayment issues.

Make sure all of your courses are in your selected program. VA will only pay for courses that are required for graduation.

VA pays from the start date to the end date for your courses. If you are enrolled in a short or accelerated course, your payments may change throughout the semester.