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Join the Alumni Association Today

Staying true to its purpose, the CMN Alumni Association seeks to be an inclusive organization, recognizing that the College of Menominee Nation has touched the lives of individuals in many different ways.

Membership with our Alumni Association allows all with a true loyalty to the College to commit to fostering a lifelong partnership that supports the efforts of the College. In addition, members will possess one or more of the following qualifications:

  • Hold a bachelor’s degree from CMN
  • Hold an associate degree from CMN
  • Hold a technical diploma from CMN
  • Hold a Certificate of Mastery from CMN

If you hold a CMN degree, diploma or certificate of mastery, let the Advancement office know you're interested in participating. Simply fill out the form below, and be part of this exciting organizational effort.

We’ll keep you informed about social programs, events at the College, and other benefits that apply to CMN Alumni.

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