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Annual Funding Options

All gifts, at all levels of giving, are gratefully received, used to further educational opportunities available at College of Menominee Nation.

The spirit that moves you to share with CMN inspires us to greater service. Together we can advance learning, change lives, lift families, and find ways to sustain communities and nations. One effective way to assist the College of Menominee Nation is with a gift to the CMN Annual Fund.

The CMN Annual Fund

Annual Fund gifts are “unrestricted” contributions: cash donations designated by the College for use where need is greatest.

These funds are among the most precious that come to an institution.  For example, unrestricted gifts can be allocated to leverage new or evolving programs, supplement other resources of the College to assure that projects have adequate support, or serve as incentive funding to encourage the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of the campus community.

If your circumstances allow, please consider supporting the College through its Annual Fund.  As an Annual Fund donor, you will receive special news reports and invitations from the College and, unless you request anonymity, your name will be published as a supporter in the following categories:

President’s Club indicating unrestricted gifts of $1,000 or more
Heritage Circle indicating unrestricted gifts of $500 to $999
Wild Rice Society indicating unrestricted gifts of $250 - $499
Circle of Friends indicating unrestricted gifts of $100 - $249

For more information, contact:

Susan Waukau

Susan Waukau

Director of Institutional Advancement
School: ext. 3114

Scholarship & Endowment-Restricted Gifts

Your gift to the College of Menominee Nation may be designated for a special purpose. For example, you may designate it for student scholarships that meets an immediate need or as a contribution to the CMN endowment where it will be invested to provide financial support long into the future.


Scholarships take many forms. They may be awarded on the basis of need, to acknowledge excellence in academics, leadership or another area, or to encourage study in a specific field or endeavor.

All scholarships have the ability to inspire and encourage students to begin or continue their studies. Even modest awards can provide important leverage to the student in need.

A gift of any size may be designated for scholarships.

  • Dollars can be pooled with other College resources for allocation.
  • A one-time gift that is equal in amount to a standard scholarship award can be named for an individual or organization in the year in which it is awarded.
  • Gifts that will generate sufficient investment interest to fund a scholarship can be established as a permanently endowed scholarship. Endowed scholarships may carry a name designed by the donor.


The CMN Endowment Fund comprises dollars that are invested to generate income that sustains general operations.  The endowment is a valuable contributor to the College’s financial health. Gifts designated to the endowment assure that dollars continue to serve their purpose in perpetuity.