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Academic Support

The College of Menominee Nation is pleased to be able to offer academic support to students at no cost to them.

Support is offered in most academic subject areas, test preparation, computers, software, study and life skills, and financial planning.


The Stay Connected Program

As we continue to manage our services through the COVID-19 pandemic, the College of Menominee Nation is taking immediate steps toward making it easier for our students to connect to the internet at home. Chief among these steps is the "Stay Connected" program, which enables CMN to help students with their Internet bills through Spectrum, or gain Internet service if they do not currently have it.

Quick Facts

  • New Spectrum internet service customers will receive a rate of $57 per household. The College will pay the cost of new service connections, plus your monthly bill of $57. 
  • If you have an internet connection, but not with Spectrum Enterprises, you are still eligible to receive assistance. The College will pay $57 per household towards your current internet service provider bill. 
  • For all current students that have internet services, CMN will pay your bill effective November 1st through December 31st. 
  • Students must be registered for the current term to qualify for the Stay Connected Program.    
  • Internet bills will be processed the last week of each month.
  • Students will be responsible for submitting their bill on a monthly basis to the College and a payment will be processed to your provider. 
  • If your current internet service provider is not in your name, a statement must be submitted by the individual(s) you are residing with.  

To submit your information to the Stay Connected Program, and to get in touch with our SCP staff members, please fill out this form (opens in a new window).

Additional Resources

Dreamkeepers Emergency Aid

The Dreamkeepers program provides assistance to students at risk of dropping out of college due to unexpected financial emergencies including child care, gas, automobile expenses, and more. Created to help students stay in college and meet their educational goals, this assistance is designed to ultimately secure a better financial future.

For a more in-depth look at the Dreamkeepers guidelines, a PDF can be viewed here.

Academic Success Coaches (ASCs)

At CMN, our Academic Success Coaches purposely provide individualized coaching and intervention techniques to current, returning, transfer, and non-degree students to support their college success, centering on academic and career goal setting, learning strategies, time management, organization, self-regulation, and self-efficacy. Our coaches are committed to student learning through ensuring access to programs and services, removing barriers to student enrollment and progression so they can achieve their educational goals. Through reflection and resources, we hope to help students develop skills, behaviors, and habits that contribute to success in college.

Counseling Services

Information and referral regarding counseling, including initial referral services for drug and alcohol abuse, is available to students through their Student Achievement Specialist. In-depth services are available at local agencies serving communities near both campuses and the Menominee Tribal Clinic in Keshena. These resources are listed in local telephone directories and the CMN Family Resource Listing. The financial responsibility for receiving services from these community service agencies rests upon the person receiving the services.

Disability Services

Students who have disability accommodation needs should contact their Academic Success Coach for assistance and follow-up discussions.

Academic Success Coaches

- or -

Green Bay/Oneida Campus:
Ext. 4000

Keshena Campus:
Ext. 5500