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Your CMN Tutors

Three individuals conversing while masked as they walk down the Glen Miller Hall on our Keshena campus.

All tutors are available via Google Meet, e-mail, telephone, or in-person.
The tutors have set in person hours available, but are available by appointment as well.
To schedule appointments outside of their set hours, contact tutors directly.

Please contact tutors for their availability. All tutors are generalists, and do not specialize in any one area.
Keep in mind that tutors may not be able to tutor in every subject or class.

For any other questions, or to sign up to be a tutor, contact:

Patricia Post
Career & Placement Coordinator
715-799-6226, ext: 3271

Tutor Information:
20 hours/week

Eligibility to Become a Tutor:
18 years or older
Cumulative GPA of 2.25 or better (Can write an appeal letter if GPA is below 2.25) 
Completed at least one semester of college studies
Enrolled at College of Menominee Nation or another college or university

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