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Student Billing Office

The Student Billing Office is located in Glen Miller Hall, Room GM101F, on the main campus in Keshena.
The Office serves both the Keshena and Green Bay/Oneida campuses by collecting payments for student tuition and fees, distributing refunds, and assisting with third-party billing.

Payment Methods

Students and family members have several ways to handle the costs of tuition and assorted fees. These methods are detailed below.

For paying online and in person, CMN accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. PayPal is also accepted online.

Pay Online

Tuition and fees may be paid online via Empower.

Pay In-Person

Tuition and fees may be paid in person with cash, check, or money order in GM101F. Office hours are 8AM - 4:30PM, Monday to Friday.

Mail In Payments

Payments may be mailed to College of Menominee Nation, P.O. Box 1179, Keshena, WI 54135. Make checks payable to College of Menominee Nation, including student's name and ID number.

Student Refunds

When student refunds are available, the Student Records and Billing Coordinator notifies students by CMN e-mail on Fridays. Refunds are made available by direct deposit or by check.


Fill out the Direct Deposit Authorization Form and turn in to the Student Records and Billing Coordinator in GM101F.

If not using direct deposit, students must have a current student I.D. to pick up their refund checks.

If not picked up by the following Tuesday by 2 p.m., the Student Records and Billing Coordinator mails the check to the current address listed in MyEMPOWER. It is important MyEMPOWER information is current.

Billing Hold

A Billing hold is placed on a student’s account when a past due balance remains on the account. When a Billing hold is placed on a student account, students may not register for upcoming courses or receive transcripts. The holds are placed in March for Fall semesters and in October for Spring semesters. Billing holds will not be lifted until the bill is paid in full.

Payment Agreement

A student must pay half down and the remaining half by payment plan by the end of the semester. Please contact the Records and Billing Coordinator to establish an agreement.

Wage Assignment

A student can set up a wage assignment with the student’s payroll department. A minimum payment of $25 to CMN is required. Payments may be made weekly, biweekly, or monthly. This payment is required until the bill is paid in full. A Bursar hold will remain in place until the bill is paid in full.

Financial Aid Agreement

Students may meet with the Financial Aid Office staff to determine whether they will be receiving enough financial aid to cover the current semester bill and a past bill, if applicable. The student must sign the financial aid agreement with the Records and Billing Coordinator once it is determined the student has enough financial aid to meet requirements.

Per federal regulations, 34 CFR 668.164 (c)(3), the maximum allowable amount for prior-year charges is $200.

You may include up to $200 for prior-year charges in one or more payment periods in the current award year ($200 total, not in each payment period in the current award year). The $200 allowance must only be for tuition, fees, school-provided room and board, and, with the student’s or parent’s authorization, educationally-related goods and services provided by the prior year school.

Third-Party Billing Agreement

If some or all of tuition and fees will be paid by a qualified third party, the authorization guaranteeing payment of a specified amount of tuition and fees must be received by the Student Billing Office. For additional information on third-party agreements, call the Student Records and Billing Coordinator at 715-799-6500, Ext. 3013.

Mail Third-Party Authorizations to:
College of Menominee Nation
Student Billing Office
P.O. Box 1179
Keshena, WI 54135

Having a Third-Party Authorization on file does not remove the student’s responsibility to ensure that all tuition and fees are paid.

Withdrawal Information

Refunds for Withdrawal

Students who drop coursework for which they are registered must properly withdraw from the College. Students who fail to properly withdraw will be held liable for the charges on their account, including tuition and fees.

Tuition refunds for students who totally withdraw from all classes are based on the following schedule. This schedule does not apply to students who are subject to the requirements of federal regulations.

Financial aid recipients should refer to the refund and repayment policy.

Withdrawal Period Refund
1st - 5th business day of term 100%
6th - 10th business day of term 50%
After the 10th business day of term 0% (No refund)

Partial Withdrawal

Refunds are not given to students for Partial Withdrawals or to those who exchange classes after the drop date for a course which has fewer semester hours of credit. If a student’s schedule is reduced for the convenience of CMN, as in the cancellation of classes for insufficient enrollment, the tuition shall be adjusted without penalty.

All students should meet with Financial Aid staff before dropping or withdrawing from classes to determine the impact on the student’s account.