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SDI Seed Bank

The Sustainable Development Institute maintains an extensive collection of seeds at the College of Menominee Nation Keshena campus. These seeds serve as a sort of insurance policy, maintaining the genetic diversity of plant species for years to come. The CMN Seed Bank, located in the basement of the S. Verna Fowler Library, has over 200 varieties of fruit and vegetable species ideal for the local climate.

Additionally, the CMN Seed Bank contains over 100 varieties of seeds of plants traditionally found in the Menominee forest that have cultural and historical significance for the Menominee people. The seeds are stored in airtight jars and in a climate-controlled room to maximize the longevity of the viability of the seeds

In conjunction with the Seed Bank, SDI also has a Seed Library available for community use. Packets of seeds can be “checked out” from the seed library by community members to be grown in their gardens with the request that seeds from these plants are saved at the end of the growing season and some returned to the SDI. The seeds returned will be added back to the Seed Bank, ensuring that the stock of seeds there are better tailored to local growing conditions. 

For more information on the CMN Seed Bank and Seed Library, see the Seed Bank page on the College of Menominee Nation website.