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Student Enrichment & Internships

Internships are one way for students to take what they learn in the classroom and apply it to real world situations. Sustainable Development Interns work closely with mentors on research projects important to the surrounding community but driven by the students’ unique skill sets and goals. In the past, these projects have centered on such wide-ranging fields as food sovereignty, climate change, tribal education and virtual reality application-development. These hands-on learning experiences are designed to give students extensive opportunities for professional development and networking, including opportunities to share their work with both the local community and the community-at-large through presentations, workshops, conferences and blogs.  

About Experiential Learning

Students of CMN who provide services that will give them experience in their field of study. These short-term professional experience emphasizing interactive learning that is focused on student
education. It incorporates education and professional development, and is designed to enhance the learning experience and expose students to various career fields and qualified disciplines. There is no expectation that interns are paid.

Types of Opportunities

Current Opportunities